Unlocking Business Potential through Continuous Learning

Empower your team and foster growth with Oxfoc's innovative learning platform. Access high-quality microlearning courses, personalized AI-assisted learning, and engaging gamification features. Stay ahead of the curve, adapt to change, and unleash your business's full potential. 

Oxfoc successfully used for:

Unlock employee potential through targeted upskilling and reskilling programs.

Drive productivity and efficiency with personalized learning paths tailored to individual and team needs.

Foster a culture of innovation by empowering employees with the latest knowledge and skills to drive organizational growth.

Unlock Your Business Potential

Ready-to-Use Courses

- High-quality microlearning content
- Access a vast library of courses
- Accelerate skill development and business growth

Personalized Learning Experience

- AI-assisted adaptive learning
- GPT-4 technology for personalized recommendations
- Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere

Engage and Motivate

- Gamification for increased engagement
- Quizzes, leaderboards, and certificates
- Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement

Seamless Navigation

- Integrated chatbot for quick answers
- Navigate complex topics effortlessly
- Enhance understanding with AI-driven assistance

Role-Based Access

- Customize content for different roles
- Share closed in-house resources
- Train partners or customers with tailored courses

Brand Alignment

- Host the Oxfoc Academy on your own domain
- Personalize the learning experience with your brand
- Add your training materials or choose from our extensive collection

 Boost Productivity and Innovation

- Elevate employee skills and productivity
- Foster innovation and adaptability
- Stay ahead in the competitive business landscape

Continuous Learning for Success

- Empower your workforce with lifelong learning
- Drive business success through skill development
- Invest in Oxfoc for a brighter future

Practical and Motivating Learning

Our courses are designed with your practical business applications in mind. We emphasize a motivating and practical style of learning, ensuring that you can immediately apply what you've learned to real-life scenarios. 

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Business

Flexible pricing options to suit your organization's needs and budget.



Individual Learning
Without Team
Business Сourse Library
Limited Functions


Up to 10 Users
0,5 GB Storage
1 Team members
All Functions for Teams


Up to 500 Users
5 GB Storage
3 Team members
All Functions for Teams

Features for Teams available in Professional & Growth Plans

  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Lessons
  • Embedding Media Files
  • Customise for SEO
  • Multi-language
  • Bookmarks in Lesson
  • Chat Integration
  • Clone Courses
  • Webhooks & API
  • Course Rating
  • Coupons
  • Custom Domain
  • Bulk User Creation
  • Free SSL
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Your own SMTP
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Quiz
  • Course Validity (timer)
  • Certificates
  • Private Notes
  • Private Academies
  • Drip Couses
  • Stripe Integration
  • Without Oxfoc Branding
  • Discussion in Lesson
  • Drip Emails
  • Assessments
  • Survey
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboard
  • Custom Badges
  • Custom Fonts
  • Night Mode
  • Custom Certificates
  • User Profiles
  • SaaS Embed Widget
  • Login with own Domain
  • Community
  • Discussion Forum
  • Segmentation
  • Course Access Restriction
  • Add a User for $2/month

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How can Oxfoc help my business?

Oxfoc helps businesses unlock their full potential through continuous learning. It offers a wide range of ready-to-use microlearning courses designed specifically for businesses, enabling employees to enhance their skills and drive business results.

Can I customize the Oxfoc platform to align with my company's branding?

Yes! With Oxfoc, you have the flexibility to customize the platform to reflect your brand. You can host the Academy on your own domain, ensuring a seamless and personalized learning experience that aligns with your company's identity.

Is Oxfoc suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely! Oxfoc caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Whether you have a small team or a global workforce, Oxfoc provides the tools and resources to empower your employees and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Can I track the progress and performance of my employees on the Oxfoc platform?

Yes, Oxfoc provides robust tracking and reporting capabilities. You can monitor the progress and performance of your employees, track completed courses, and assess their mastery of key skills. This data helps you identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth within your workforce.

Can I upload my own training materials onto the Oxfoc platform?

Yes! Oxfoc allows you to upload your own training materials onto the platform. You can seamlessly integrate your existing content or combine it with Oxfoc's extensive collection of high-quality microlearning courses. This flexibility ensures that your employees have access to relevant and customized training resources.

Where can I see instructions for setting up my academy configurations?

On https://help.oxfoc.com/ you can find instructions on how to set up your Academy yourself, integrations, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

How can I get started with Oxfoc for my business?

Getting started with Oxfoc is simple. Reach out to our team and let us know your business needs. We'll guide you through the process of setting up your Academy, customizing the platform, and accessing the vast library of microlearning courses. Start unlocking the potential of your workforce today!

"We've seen a remarkable improvement in our workforce's skills and productivity since implementing Oxfoc. The ability to customize the platform with our own training materials and branding has been invaluable. Oxfoc truly caters to our unique business needs!"

Alex R.

CEO Fit Haus

"Oxfoc has created a culture of continuous learning within our organization. The in-house discussion forums and learning communities have fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among our employees. It's a powerful tool for professional growth!"

Emily L.

Learning and Development Specialist

"The tracking and reporting features on Oxfoc have made it easy for us to monitor our employees' progress and assess their performance. The data-driven insights help us identify areas for improvement and design targeted learning interventions. It's a game-changer for talent development!"

Daniel K.

Training Manager

Supercharge your business success with Oxfoc's powerful learning platform

Request a demo or contact our team today to see how Oxfoc can transform your organization. Experience the benefits of out-of-the-box content, AI-assisted learning, engagement features, and role-based access. Start your journey toward enhanced skills, improved productivity, and a future-ready workforce with Oxfoc.